the big picture

guide to the good is a start-up social enterprise that makes it easy and practical for people to choose local and green for their purchasing and lifestyle choices.  we built it because local and green bring economic, environmental, ethical, and social benefits to our lives, our communities and our planet.  we’re piloting at home, in the Northeast Avalon.


and the backstory

thegreenrock.ca ~ habits for your habitat launched in 2008.    With the tagline ‘think planet.  live local’ thegreenrock.ca talked about ‘habits for your habitat’ – things we can all do to live more sustainably where we live.

Since then thegreenrock.ca has shared hundreds of stories of great, green local innovations, action and hope through text, video, and images on thegreenrock.ca website and on facebook with support from the Conservation Corp NL, Memorial University, the City of St. John’s, and Wellness Coalition Avalon East.

thegreenrock.ca was on point with its mission and its method as localism and sustainability increasingly came to the fore.   When it incorporated as a not-for-profit company in 2014, thegreenrock.ca focus was on developing a revenue stream to become sustainable, and realize its long-term vision.

Personal investment and months of research and study led to a social enterprise model around the theme of ‘local’, because local builds community, builds connections, improves health and well-being, strengthens the economy, strengthens community resilience, and tends to leave a smaller environmental footprint.  Living local is one of the best things we can do for the environment.

We learned:

  • conscious consumers want to and would choose local more often if they knew what was available and how to access it.
  • a growing community of creative, smart local businesses with very limited budgets are interested in an affordable venue to promote their offerings, and let their ‘localness’ be an inherent advantage.
  • local businesses like to build relationships with their customers, and people like to build relationships with the people who make and grow things they choose.

Along the way, we caught the attention of the St. John’s Board of Trade, the Y Enterprise Centre, Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Network, Memorial University’s Harris Centre, EXTRAordinary Women, the Genesis Centre, Memorial’s Centre for Social Enterprise, For A New Earth and other entities.

The efforts culminated in the Guide to the Good – an online and outreach social enterprise that will bring local back to the community, and the community back to local while bringing with it economic, environmental, ethical, social and community benefits.

In February of 2016, thegreenrock.ca contracted a web design company to build the Guide to the Good website, and in June of 2016 thegreenrock.ca hired a full-time project co-ordinator.   In October of 2016 we began the Genesis Evolution program.

In November of 2016, the Guide to the Good proof of concept website went live with 50 local businesses and community organizations, a growing bank of bloggers, and interest from the community.  The project is ready to flourish.

With funding supports in place, we will trademark the intellectual property, refine the website, develop the app, hire staff, stabilize operations and grow the client base toward generating revenue on the second half of 2017 as we pilot the Guide to the Good in the Northeast Avalon.