Green Rock EVS

About: Newfoundland based electric vehicle company
Available At: Ships across Atlantic Canada
Tel: 709-747-7700

Green Rock EVS started in 2013 when John Gordon was looking to buy an electric car, but instead found an opportunity. The search was short because he found out fast that there were no EV companies in the province. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a background in the electrical business, he went for it. A few years later, Green Rock EVS has 37 cars on the road, and is selling and servicing electric/hybrid vehicles of many different brands, including Tesla, Nissan, Cadillac, Prius, and Chevrolet, and many different models.

People get that electric cars don’t use gas, but after that the information is lesser known. The Green Rock EVS team are often myth busters, and are working on ways to show people that electric vehicles are affordable, convenient, and they go the distance.

A 2011 Nissan Leaf starts at around $17 000, and the price to power the car is considerably less than with gasoline: the average annual cost to charge is less than $500. Without an internal combustion engine and all the moving parts that go with it, maintenance costs tend to be much less.

Dated information about size, distance and speed is common. Electric cars have come a long way – literally and figuratively. Most of the 100% electric cars that Green Rock EVS sells can travel 135 k on full charge, with the Tesla Model X having a range of 410 k. Charging can happen from the house with a portable charger (about 15 hours), and there are 60 level two charging stations (about 4-6 hour charge time) across the province. One of the coolest things about electric cars is that they have regenerative braking when going downhill or coasting. This feeds energy back into the battery, which gains more kilometers. True physics fact – the lack of a transmission means more torque, so these cars are even faster.

Sustainability is important to the company. The province has set the target of reducing provincial greenhouse gas emissions to 10% below 1990 levels by 2020. Green Rock EVS says switching to an electric vehicle is the best way to dramatically reduce your emissions – estimates show a savings of 5.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year.

The plan from here is to expand Green Rock EVS to Atlantic Canada in the near future, and other areas nationally and internationally. Green Rock would also like to continue to be a trailblazer in the province, bringing new technology and spearheading the movement towards electric vehicles.