Need a bike? bikeshare!

February 16, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ stories

common topic of conversation – traffic. car transit in st. john’s seems slower than it ever has been. but that is just one reason to take the bike. health, pollution, and putting the bike lanes to use are others!

if you don’t have a bike, or if yours needs a bit of fixing, you can still hit the road.

BIKESHARE is a non-profit organization that supports cycling. CCNL Green team caught up with Joseph Bautista of Bikeshare, who shares the points and purpose of the organization. based at Memorial University Bikeshare is one of the many beautiful threads in the fabric of sustainability in St. John’s. it operates from 4 to 7 pm Sundays and 5 to 7 pm Tuesdays in EN 1015-E – check facebook for current events.

soothing sounds by Chris Ball, directed by David Maher and Tamara Segura, videography and editing by Jeff Smyth.