a smashing success! #playoutdoors JFW Open Field Day

July 24, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ in your neighbourhood,stories

red JFW flag in foreground with canoes in background

#playoutdoors – Junior Forest Wardens Open Field Day on July 14 at Northbank Lodge was an amazing time! There were dozens of families with kids of all ages getting into it!  We had a bit of warm rain which was ideal for the activities planned, the children’s smiles shone brighter than the sun ever could!  

It all got started after we heard a few words from Dave Cullen – Chief Warden of Canada, Jennifer Keyte of JFW NL, Maggie Burton from the City of St. John’s, Terry Garrett – Chief Warden of Alberta, Leann Northcott from CA Pippy Park Commission and Alan Goodridge of Paddle NL.  The opening was emceed by Kim Todd.  NTV’s Glenn Andrews was there to share the story – click here for link.

The Giant Squid Club and the Wild Wanderers Club from Junior Forest Wardens NL were there in their reds, along with more than 20 members of JFW Clubs in Alberta!  Chief Warden Cullen arrived in his motor home from BC as part of Dave’s JFW Cross Country Tour his cross-country tour! 

Other community organizations came together to make it happen – notably the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development whose contribution through the Community Healthy Living Fund helped financially, Recreation NL whose contribution helped with the bus, Paddle NL who took on the canoeing instruction and the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources – Forestry Division who donated the seedlings and rounded up JFW canoes -yahoo!   

On the Northbank Lodge side, each activity was run by skilled and enthusiastic JFWers from the Albertans and the Giant Squid.  The visiting kids and adults learned so much! Like how to start fires with flint and steel, how to roast pineapple, peppers and tomatoes over hot coals, how to weave grass into rope, how to build a shelter in the woods, how to tie a bowline and other knots, how to carve wood, how to make a lantern out of a tin can, how to weave a bracelet, and lots about the history of JFW.  There were delicious healthy snacks – carrot sticks, granola bars, apples and watermelon – courtesy of the Community Healthy Living Fund.  There lots of water and compostable cups and recycling stations.  

On the other side of Long Pond canoeing was a sell-out!  A bus transported registered paddlers to the site, and the families intently listened as Alan talked safety.  Everyone was fitted for lifejackets and a paddle, and they were off!  The children were incredibly enthusiastic, and the supportive adults had a fun time too! Some of the parents had never paddled before so they were paired up with one of our safety guides. 

All in all, it was an amazing day, and we hope that more people join the Junior Forest Warden movement as a result.  Contact, or their Facebook page or visit the JFW NL website.


#playoutdoors #1 – Junior Forest Warden Open Field Day was a big hit and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to partner with these amazing people.  Keep an eye out for details on #playoutdoors #2 – Hike on August 4, 2018. You can find more photos of #playoutdoors JFW Open Field Day here. 


#playoutdoors is a project of – Live Sustainably NL with support from the Conservation Corps NL. team which includes Kim Todd, Founder & CEO, Jamille Lawlor #playoutdoors co-ordinator, and Eniola Folarin are proud and grateful to all who made it happen. 

Thanks to Junior Forest Wardens NL and AJFWA – Junior Forest Wardens NL  Dave Finn, Owen Finn, Lucy Finn, Kate Finn, Stephanie Squibb, John Mate, Lucas Mate, Ella Mate, Bruce Drover, Thomas Drover, James Drover, Lila Drover, John MacCallum, Jack MacCallum, Jennifer Keyte, Joshua Keyte, Keith Barrett, Sheri Kennedy, Phil Rudy, Ry Pickard, Molly Pickard.  Wild Wanderers – Mel Kelly, Brian Kidney, Maggie Burton

Junior Forest Wardens Alberta (Ashlee Brotherson, Brenda Moore, Birken Butte, Bryana Madaire, Cindy Roberts, Cody Robinson, Dave Cullen, Devon Piekema, Don Shantz, Dylan Olinger, Erin Olinger, George Tailleur, Jan Blunden, Laura Gilles, Linda Shantz, Lynda Zimmer, Merry Brotherson, Monica Robinson, Terry Garrett, Tom Blunden, and Treva Piekema.

Also special thanks to

  • The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, Forestry Division – Sarah Glover, Chris Feehan, Bob Gregory, Tom Burry and Scott Martin
  • Councillor Maggie Burton who brought her family along to participate in the outdoor activities,
  • Paddle NL (Alan Goodridge, Cecelia McGruer, Alex McGruer)
  • Piatto Pizzaria, O’Regan Road Conway Crescent Canada Day Committee, Pippy Park Management (Leann Northcott, Jill St. Croix and the rest of the team)
  • Association for New Canadians
  • Sharing Our Cultures
  • MacMorran Community Centre
  • Fishing for Success
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • City of St. John’s
  • Perla Hernandez
  • Maham Rahim
  • And others!