guide to the good LAUNCH!

October 24, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ stories

green and black image showing three people joining uplifted arms one persons head is the planet earth underneath are the words guide to the good

October 24 was an exciting day around here – we launched the Guide to the Good marketing campaign live from the St. John’s Farmers Market – check out the facebook live! (

as part of the marketing launch, we released the new guide to the good brandmark. connected people rising up together in joy and hope for flourishing communities and a flourishing planet complements the open, green words in the logo.

for the past two years we and a growing contingent of amazing local companies and bloggers have been making the Guide to the Good a living reality right here on this site, and on our social media platforms. we’ve done well – good traffic, good engagement, amazing facebook lives, lots of telephone calls to Guide to the Good from people looking for products and services, and a growing awareness of the importance and value of local, social and green from the public. so far so good.

but we’re stepping it UP – starting today! we’re taking it to the billboards and the airwaves and the papers and the internet because we want to make it easy for people in the Northeast Avalon to choose local, social and green because local social and green bring benefits to communities.

we’re working with local wizards in social media marketing and pop-up e-commerce who will be developing the Guide to the Good website 2.0, and the Guide to the Good app!

it has been a pleasure to get this social enterprise off the ground. the local community of the Northeast Avalon is so rich in cool, creative people, businesses and organizations – every day of development has had moments of surprise and delight.

we’ve got this far! our next steps will be giant steps.

let’s go!