and we’re OFF! Guide to the Good market launch

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farmers market buck$ at the launch make it REALLY easy to choose local, social and green!

photos by Katherine Saunders, Guide to the Good

logo for guide to the good with three uplifted figures connected and a representation of the planet on topOn October 24, in the midst of the Wednesday market, the Workshop room at the Farmers Market was at capacity and charged with the energy of something good happening!

Smiling teenaged girl wearing farmer pants giving out name tags

The Guide to the Good (g2g) marketing launch was the culmination of years of work, thousands of conversations, and hundreds of thousands of words.  The people in the room were some of the many whose work, teaching, leadership, support, encouragement, advice and lending got the Guide to the Good to the launch point.  All in attendance were celebrated for their role, as identified by the hand-written name tags given out by ‘loving supporter’ Lucy Finn (pictured).  

More than two years ago effort got underway officially with the Farmers Market (old location), so it was especially cool to launch the marketing campaign, and debut the brandmark – connected people rising up together in joy and hope for flourishing communities and a fluorishing planet – in the new space.

Deputy Mayor Sheilagh OLeary gave a heartfelt hands up to the initiative, which the City has helped support.


Guide to the Good is the social enterprise of ~ Live Sustainably NL. It is a keyword-searchable web platform (you’re on it!) that makes it easy for people to choose local, social and green for their purchasing and lifestyle choices.Collaboration and community is key to the initiative, and it was all over the launch. 

Founder Kim Todd launched the campaign – and the launch video – which will see Guide to the Good showing up in spaces all over town and leading eyes to the amazing array of local, social, and green companies in the area. Special guests – City of St. John’s Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary, President of the Federation of Agriculture Merv Wiseman and Hannah Gaultois, Vice Chair of St. John’s Farmers Market Co-op – shared their experiences, enthusiasm, and collaboration with the project. director Emad Rizkalla and Andrew King of PullApps talked tech and community.

The audience included representatives from the first 80 profilees on g2g, Director Jeff Tulk, members of the g2g Advisory Committee, g2g bloggers, reps from the Conservation Corp who have provided a dozen staff for since 2011, the Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Network, ‘greenrockers’ – staff of, Metro Business Opportunities, the social enterprise community, the academic community, advisers, encouragers, enthusiasts, friends and family – whoa! VOCM was there to capture the story! it was also streamed live on our Facebook page.

Director Emad Rizkalla of BlueDrop Performance Learning – a TSE company he founded – talks about the importance of community in business. 

Andrew King from PullApps Marketing talks about g2g 2.0 and the g2g app 

Merv Wiseman, President of the Federation of Agriculture, talked about the importance and relevance of Guide to the Good in the agriculture sector. 

Hannah Gaultois of the Centre for Social Enterprise and the Vice Chair of the St. John’s Farmers’ Market Co-op, talked Social Enterprise, and about the history of the Farmers Market and g2g. AND she brought Farmers Market bucks to share!  


The stories were compelling but you could have heard a pin drop when the draw for the winner of the Guide to the Goodie (BOOMERANG) bag was drawn! The contents were a selection of goods and services from Guide to the Good profilees, and the lucky duck was g2g blogger George Blackwood – who was beyond delighted with:

George Blackwood was stoked to win this great Boomerang Bag of prizes, presented to him by Lucy Finn and Katherine Saunders. 

…all of which was placed in a Boomerang Bag supplied by the Waffle Lady.  

There was also the food – fresh carrots from the parking lot, samosas, and waffles!   

yummy farm fresh carrots from The FARM were the appetizer for amazing Curry Delight samosas and waffles from The Waffle Lady.

Then the shopping.  Eyes lit up again as all present were offered $5 in Farmers Market bucks – cash on the barrelhead! And off they went to do the shopping!

with dollars donated by the St. John’s Farmers Market, it can’t get any easier to choose local, social and green!


it takes a community! Guide to the Good and Metro Business Opportunities stand side by side. the new Social Enterprise Loan Program from MBO was instrumental to the Guide to the Good launch!

It was an amazing event and so special to launch with the people who have helped make Guide to the Good possible. 

we’re off! come on let’s go!