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#seasonsgroundings Day 15 – connect to your craftmanship!

Friday, December 14th

for #seasonsgroundings day 15, we thought you might enjoy an activity that allows you to work on your crafting skills and make yourself something beautiful for the holidays. guide to the good-er St. John’s Tool Library is hosting a holiday wreath-making workshop tomorrow afternoon! they supply the materials, the instructor, and the beer, and you can show up with your friends and family and get creative! the cost of the workshop is $45 to cover supplies and tools, and the event is open to everyone – beginners, kids, or expert craftspeople! all are welcome! connect to your skills, meet some like-minded individuals, and learn something new!

also, for the maker in your life, the Tool Library has a Gift Membership: it comes with an annual membership, a hat, a t-shirt, and a pen! how great is that? you can check it all out on their website:


#seasonsgroundings Day 14 – connect to yourself!

Thursday, December 13th

Isobel Gunn – A Reading/Concert Presentation

ahh, a winter’s night at the theatre, what could be better? if this rings true to you, we suggest checking out Isobel Gunn tonight at LSPU hall. this new, locally-written musical is produced by guide to the good-er Best Kind Productions! it tells the true story of a teenage girl who disguised herself as a man, left her home in Scotland, and went to Rupert’s Land (old-timey Canada) to work as a Voyageur, all while pregnant! how did she do that? and what happened to her? if you’re dying to know, like we are, get your tickets now because this is a one-night-only performance! find tickets at or call 753-4531.




Mary Feardon, St. John’s Storytelling Festival.

#seasonsgroundings Day 13 – connect to an old tradition!

Wednesday, December 12th

Story Circle

if you’re up for braving the streets of downtown St. John’s tonight, you will be rewarded with the chance to listen some traditional folk tales as told by seasoned storyteller Mary Feardon! she will be hosting the St. John’s Storytelling Festival’s monthly Story Circle, at their new venue, Erin’s Pub. storytelling is a celebrated tradition in Newfoundland, especially around the holidays, and this will be a wonderful time to cozy up with a drink and be spellbound by some grand performances. there will also be an open mic, so if you have a story tucked away in your brain, you can get up share it! if not, just sit back and enjoy a folk tradition! cover is $5 and details can be found here:

psst… if you can’t make it out tonight, watch her on Youtube instead! 


Len O’Neill will be playing at the Black Sheep for the Annual Staff Party for the Self-Employed. Photo by Tom Cochrane.

#seasonsgroundings Day 12 – connecting to your community (we do love our community!)

Tuesday, December 11th

Staff Party for the Self-Employed

for day 12 of #seasonsgroundings, we want to share something that will appeal to our wonderful community of local do-it-yourself-ers and motivated business owners! this is a time of year to reward yourself for all of the hard work you’ve put in throughout the year. we know you’re awesome, and you deserve to celebrate! so why not check out the Annual Staff Party for the Self-Employed tonight at The Black Sheep downtown? for $5 cover, you can mingle, have a drink, and enjoy some FREE COOKIES! the party is hosted by local artist Ally Baird, and despite the name, this event is open to everyone who wants to come out and enjoy the fruits of their labour, no matter their employment status. so bring a friend or a significant other, or just check it out by yourself! find details here:



Christmas tree and photo by Dana Anderson and family (my loving in-laws).

#seasonsgroundings Day 11 – connect with family and friends

Monday, December 10th

for day 11 of #seasonsgroundings, I thought I would share one of my personal favourite parts of the holiday season, decorating! putting up the tree and trimming it is always a special time spent with family and friends. we listen to Christmas music, drink wine, and dig out the boxes of ornaments, and it really puts me in a festive mood (some credit to the wine for that, of course!) my favourite aspect of decorating is taking out the ornaments we’ve collected from over the years and reflecting on the memories of where they came from, whether it be a vacation, a trip to the cabin, or a gift from someone special. this is one of my personal favourite ways to connect during Christmas, with my family, my friends, myself, and my memories. and I wanted to share this today to connect with all of you.



Photo by Brian Carey.

#seasonsgroundings Day 10 – connect to your community (again!)

Sunday, December 9th

for day 10 of #seasonsgroundings we’re still riding that wave of community connections. we think that a great way to get to know St. John’s is to head downtown and see what you can find. there are lots of cool things to do down there – hit up some of the local shops (and if you want to check out what’s down there, look through our good companies), have a cup of coffee with friends, or just walk around and check out the holiday decorations. if you read on just a bit further, you’ll also find something special on the go today in the heart of downtown. wherever you go, you’re sure to get that St. John’s vibe!

Anna Murphy, owner and maker of Yellow Rose, prepares something special for her shop.


#seasonsgroundings Day 9 – connect to the community

Saturday, December 8th

Etsy St. John’s Holiday Market

tomorrow at Atlantic Place, there will be an opportunity to connect to the community by meeting some local crafters at the Etsy St. John’s Holiday Market! the market will be on from 10-4 and there will be a couple of Guide to the Good-ers there, including Clare Dawn Studio, Northeastern Folk Art, Petit Mail, St. John’s Soap Works, Yellow Rose, and of course, Jumping Bean! grab a friend and have a stroll through the market, you might just find something special or make a new friend. find details and a full list of vendors here:


#seasonsgroundings Day 8 – connect to the community, then connect to the planet!

Friday, December 7th

Mummer’s Parade AND Zero Waste Meetup

we couldn’t decide on just one thing to tell you about today because there are so many great things happening this time of year! so since it’s Friday, a snow day, and we’re in a great mood, we’re going to give you TWO things for #seasonsgroundings today! how awesome is that?

Thing 1: tomorrow a great annual St. John’s tradition is happening: the MUMMERS PARADE! what a great way to connect to the community and have fun during the Christmas season! this year is the 10th anniversary of the parade, so there’s bound to be lots of fun in store. grab your ugly stick and your mother’s big 42 bra and head down to Bishop Abraham Elementary for a stomp! here’s the event page:

Thing 2: you’re going to want a hot drink and a meal after the parade, right? we thought so! but what if there was a chance to chat about reducing waste while you have your supper? THERE IS! head over to Rocket Bakery (link profile) after the parade is over for Newfoundland’s first Zero Waste Meetup! you might meet some of our friends there 🙂 details here:


#seasonsgroundings Day 7 – connect to your family and help a good cause!

Thursday, December 6th

3rd Annual Great Big Chocolate Build

there are so many opportunities to connect this weekend that we have to start telling you about them today!  there is a delicious opportunity coming up Saturday to spend time with your family while helping a great cause, and you get chocolate to boot! sounds fantastic, right? two of our guide to the good-ers, Habitat for Humanity and the Newfoundland Chocolate Company, are coming together to host the 3rd Annual Great Big Chocolate Build at the Comfort Inn Airport! this is a special Newfoundland version of the Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread Build that happens in other parts of the country. there are four hour-long sessions throughout the day where you will have the opportunity to decorate a chocolate house and then take it home at the end. the sessions are $35 (per chocolate house)  with proceeds going to support Habitat for Humanity. some of the sessions are already sold out, so if you’re interested in grabbing tickets, head over to their website:


#seasonsgroundings Day 6 – connect to your habits

Wednesday, December 5th

this time of year, you’ll hear a lot about gift giving, and many people struggle to find the right gifts for the people in their lives. we’ve got a new blog out today written by our very own publication specialist, Katherine Saunders, that takes a look at our gift-giving habits and how they could be a bit different. going off of what Nana said (scroll down to our #seasonsgroundings post from two days ago), Katherine explores the concept of ethical gift-giving. take a pause for 5 minutes and read through Katherine’s post – it may inspire you to do something different this year, or give you an idea for what to get the person who has everything. you can find the full blog entry here:


#seasons groundings Day 5 – connect to the community AND the planet!

Tuesday, December 4th

St. John’s Farmers’ Market

a fir tree seedling in the rocky ground

even with the cold weather, this month is the perfect time to connect to both our community and our planet. there is an opportunity to do just that by visiting the St. John’s Farmers’ Market tomorrow! there is lots on the go at the market. one of our very own guide to the good-ers, Northeastern Folk Art, will be having an ornament making session during the market, and Junior Forest Wardens NL will be on site leading a tree planting session from 4-7. drop into the market to take part, or just have a browse, or grab a bite to eat! can’t make the market? take a moment to head outside – or maybe look out a window – and find a bit of beauty in the nature around you.


#seasonsgroundings Day 4 – connecting to the spirit

Monday, December 3rd

today we are honoured to introduce to you to Nana.  she’s passed on now, but this clip from 1992 shares seasonal feelings that are common with a sweetness that is rare.

her kind way, her enthusiasm for her granddaughter Bobby, her gorgeous thick accent and her spritely spirit will bring you a smile (and maybe a replay – what did she say about the chips? about the miniskirt? the tin of milk?).  Nana’s gifts are a story of connection that takes box-ticking down a notch 🙂

(Bobby Bessey is Chair & Director for ~ Live Sustainably NL.  Nana is her grandmother Ada Taylor who passed away in 2004. The clip was originally published in 2015 on as part of a larger blog. Video by Norm and Marilyn Bessy. Used with permission of Bobby Bessy.)  


9 candles in a row

#seasonsgroundings Day 3 – connect to the community

Sunday, December 2nd

Public Menorah Lighting in Bannerman Park

today is the first day of Hannukah and to celebrate, there is a Menorah lighting happening 4:30 this afternoon at Bannerman Park, hosted by Chabad of Newfoundland. all welcome!  there will be music, Mayor Danny Breen will address attendees, a game of guess how many dreidls in the jar (for a prize!) , and Newfoundland’s Jewish art calendar will be given out as gifts. this sounds like a beautiful opportunity to be in the community and join the spiritual celebration of Lights. check out the event page on Facebook for more:


#seasonsgroundings Day 2 – connect to the self

Saturday, December 1st

Sharon King Campell’s ORIGINAL at the LSPU Hall 

black program for Original with set in the background that looks like a circle of rocks

Kim Todd photo

the weekend is a lovely time to take in a bit of local theatre, and theatre leads us to look in and connect to self.  this weekend you can see yourself (and Eve, Pandora, and Embla) in a new perspective with ORIGINAL – written and performed by Sharon King-Campbell and produced by Persistence Theatre Company.  the show is a one-woman production which interprets what it is like to be a woman throughout Western Civilization. we took in this show on opening night, and it was truly captivating. there are still tickets left for the performance tonight and the matinee tomorrow afternoon. find them at and check out the details of the show at


a photo of the historic lighthouse and lightkeeper's residence at Cape Spear National Historic site.

Sarah Jenkins photo

#seasonsgroundings Day 1 – connect to nature

Friday, November 30th 

Birding at Cape Spear with Nature NL

to kick off our 38 days of #seasonsgroundings, we show you NatureNL’s birding at Cape Spear!  Saturday December 1 at 10. new and experienced birders are invited to come look for snow buntings, eider ducks, and scoters. maybe you’ll see some other wildlife too! as you take in your peaceful surroundings and feel the Atlantic breeze on your face.  you’ll come for the birds and come back for the quiet moments of peace.  find details here: 




welcome to seasons groundings!

in many cultures and many religions, the shortened days of winter bring time for connection.   connecting to ourselves, our families and friends, our communities, and our planet.

it can also be a time to short-circuit!  leading up to the winter season of holidays is stressful for some, and it can be all too easy to lose the plot.

gift giving has become an important focal point in connecting, and there is great and lasting joy in choosing gifts that give to the planet and the community as well as the recipient.  there are many ways to do that (browse our guide to the good profilees for inspiration!)

and along with gift giving, there are a zillion ways to connect.

we have ideas!  we have suggestions!  we have #seasonsgroundings!  

starting today and right on through to January 6, we’ll be offering little ideas, micro actions, shopping salves, market action, and big community-type events that intertwine our planet, our communities and peeps, and ourselves. we’re hoping that #seasonsgroundings will help keep us all down to earth as we move through December and into 2019.

with that, here is #seasonsgroundings.  check back here daily or watch for our FB/Twitter/Insta posts.