Wednesdays are Wonderful at the SJFM!

December 8, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ leaders & followers,living la vida local!,stories

St. John’s Farmers’ Market Wednesdays bring a whole new way to the week, and on December 5th there was celebration of the community and the season! 

Erin of Northeastern Folk Art returned with the gorgeous pottery ornament workshop, and for the first time members of the Junior Forest Wardens (the Giant Squid) were there in red to help market-goers pot their own little tiny Christmas trees to take home!  (the Farmers’ Market is growing their Wednesday program – non-profit organizations are invited to contact Trina Porter of The FARM for details)

Wardens ready to workshop planting!

for the plant, all hands had a grand time getting up to their elbows in dirt. market-ers, shoppers, vendors and staff filled pot with soil, made the hole, and dropped in a little black or white spruce seedling, tamped it down, and went off equipped with care instructions from the Wardens.  (data gratefully received from Newfoundland Forestry Service and CD’s Trees. donations gratefully received from planters!)  

there was also dancing! 

but back to the trees:  tree planting is a huge part of what JFW does, and every year they work with casket-making company Batesville in their tree-planting program.   this year Batesville supported the planting of  hundreds of trees between three plants – at Pippy Park in July, at Rotary Sunshine Park in October and the St. John’s Farmers’ Market plant.

JFW is all about outdoor adventure for kids and their grown-ups, and they are in a network of community friends who gave what they had to make it happen.  The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources provided the black and white spruce seedlings (tnx Sara!), Chris and Debbie Swyers of CD’s Trees provided the pots and the soil, the St. John’s Farmers Market provided the opportunity (tnx Trina and all!)  and the Giant Squid brought it all together!   The Giant Squid are open for new members – email for info! 

happy music making man Between Two Trees (but he didn’t play that one!)


a seedling and a happy young market-goer between two wardens

Sydney from the Market Cafe, the seedling, and the Warden!

everyone loves digging in the dirt!

Junior Forest Warden helpers demonstrated what to do!

ready for delivery!

the perfect tree for an elf on a reindeer!

JFW mother-son fun!

a Hanukkah Bush, Jonathan Richler of Jewish Deli, and a Warden!

trees make paper, paper makes books! that makes Gavin Will of Boulder Publications happy

everybody had a blast!

Junior Forest Wardens is proud to receive support from the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources