We are all about Living La Vida Local – which is just like Living La Vida Loco! Here is where people live with ingenuity, vision, and resilience, and our stories make life lighter here are home, and influence others all over the place. Guide to the Good Stories are the most memorable way to share cool, wicked and inspirational happenings and ideas.

– Leaders and Followers – Meet the people in your community and find out what stories they have to tell!

– In Other Words – You know when people start talking about the importance of taking care of the environment, and you’re interested, but it’s hard to pay attention when they talk about the microns and parts per million? In Other Words makes scientific information understandable and practical and useable (ie, when you put food scraps in with the garbage it ends up in the landfill, and rather than feeding rodents, the decomposing matter off gasses and contributes to climate change).

– In Your Neighbourhood – Local works best when you have a relationship with the world around you – knowing your neighbour, knowing your neighbourhood, knowing the woman who grows the lettuce.