Kitty Witty

Kitty Witty makes nickel – and lead -free handmade wire wrapped jewelry.

Petit Mail

Do you like checking the mail box and finding that there is something nice inside? Petit Mail is that experience for little kids!

Wild Mother Provisions

‘Wild Mother’ – inspired not only by the wild yeast but also the role of mothers and women in feeding the community. Janet believes that cooking our own food, growing our own food and learni

Get Started Cafe

“Food security is a world problem, and people have amazing ideas on how to address it,” says Jon Butler, founder of Get Started Café’s, “and when you connect the right idea with the right per

Yoga Kula Co-op

Uniting to create a common space for the St. John’s community to grow and explore, the Kula came together in 2015 when a dozen yoga instructors needed beautiful, affordable rental space to offer cla

Seaformatics (WaterLily)

Imagine a device that uses water or wind energy to charge electronics, that fits in your backpack, goes anywhere, and that was invented by a crowd from Memorial University. It’s called WaterLily, an
709-634-6101 (Corner Brook), 709-753-6101 (St. John’s), 709-834-6644 (Conception Bay South)

The Healthy Vibe

The Healthy Vibe aims to make healthy, lower-footprint living, easy.  The family-owned, community-centred enterprise started in 1999 in Corner Brook, and now almost two decades later, Megan Kennedy,

Mysa - smart green thermostat

The team at Mysa are on a mission to make the energy sector more environmentally friendly. Their launch product – the Mysa Smart Thermostat – allows the user to conserve energy, and improv
logo for Newfoundland Chocolate Company Circle with a house in it
(709) 579-0099

Newfoundland Chocolate Company

The Newfoundland Chocolate philosophy community connects the chocolate and the culture, and the business model crafts partnerships with local businesses. “We connect with local farms, food growers,

For A New Earth

For a New Earth’ was established in 2015, after Dr McGrath received an academic grant for environmental philosophy from MUN.  The result was a public outreach project focused on education and discu
Home Again with a lamp, vase & flower, and Room To Grow
(709) 325-4040

Home Again Furniture Bank

Home Again furniture bank moves good furniture from people who no longer need it to people who do in the Northeast Avalon.
St John's Tool Library
(709) 771- 4582

St. John's Tool Library

Ian Froude wanted to start a greenhouse in his backyard, and to do that he needed tools.  That’s when the idea stuck him – wouldn’t it be cool if there was a structure that offered everyone aff

Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Network

the provincial organization that connects environmental interests
(709) 743-7287

PerSIStence Theatre Company

“As an art form, theatre is a way to promote a cultural shift in our society”, says Jenn Deon, artistic director of the newly-formed Persistence Theatre Company.
Clean Start Logo - Stella's Circle
(709) 738-8952

Clean Start

Cleaning, refreshing is good for offices, and for people. The Clean Start commercial cleaning social enterprise of Stella’s Circle does both.  Clean Start provides professional cleaning services to
logo- LunchIn
(709) 700-7001


Imagine it’s 11:30 am at the office, and you are hungry. You didn’t pack a lunch because you are busy and you don’t feel like settling for an unhealthy option down the road. Think about how grea
Bunny's UMs - Logo
(709) 631 3971

Bunny’s UMs

If you’re one of the bazillion people around the world who are fascinated by odd-shaped, giant/tiny/no-eyed, kind of cute but kind of sinister creatures and creations, Holly Kay’s Bunny’s UMs wi
RubyRose Beauty Bar Logo
(709) 747 - 6300

RubyRose Beauty Bar

Melanie says, “Our customers love how we use local products, and they love learning about the local businesses behind them. There’s are number of entrepreneurial women starting their own skincare
The Fish Depot logo
(709) 722-9692 Duckworth Street / (709) 737-3474 Ropewalk Lane

The Fish Depot

On Duckworth Street, just up through Beck’s Cove from the waterfront, you’ll come across the Fish Depot, where you can buy the catch of the day.  The Fish Depot is a three-generation family-r
Fit Foods Logo
(709) 699-9265

Fit Foods

Lee Merchant has always loved the kitchen, but her approach to cooking took a turn when her son developed food sensitivities.  Her background in culinary arts as a chef and her passion for health
The Jam Lady - Logo
709 765 1175

The Jam Lady

these incorporate traditional Newfoundland berries like blueberries, raspberries, partridgeberries, bake-apples, squash berries and even dog berries, dandelion and crabapple, or else traditional flavo
Good2Grow NL Logo
(709) 727-1501

good2grow NL

Interested in upping your gardening-game, and maybe growing indoors all year round? Good2Grow has the gear! The store is a homesteaders oasis, complete with vegetables, animals (including a friendly
Goodwater Seafoods logo
(709) 237- 6000

Goodwater Seafoods

Witless Bay-based Goodwater Seafoods is a family owned and operated business. In 2015, after years of rave reviews from friends and family, Christine and Roy Power decided to turn a hobby of theirs in
Modern Shoe Hospital shop in Downtown St. John's
(709) 753-9960

Modern Shoe Hospital

Modern Shoe Hospital is the kind of family business that remembers names. It’s special thing: you go in (step creaks, bell rings, a voice from the back calls a ‘hello’), and you put your favouri
Firewood Factory Logo
(709) 769-3333

Firewood Factory

Firewood Factory began in December of 2015 when the downturn in the oil industry and a joyful new addition to their family prompted a lifestyle change for Luke and Kaylen Janes. Luke had always been d
Tval logo
(709) 579-SOAP (579-7627)


birthday gift, perfect gift for dinner hosts, friends, birthdays, anniversaries, and you!
Environmental Education Commission
(709) 687-8593

Brother Brennan Environmental Education Center

Known to many as simply “Brother Brennan”, the Environmental Education Centre, is wonderfully located 13 km deep in the forest off Salmonier Line where it has been educating children on
The Outfitters front store in Water Street St. Johns
(709) 579-4453

The Outfitters

In 1998, Jon Earle and Robert Seymour started The Outfitters when they saw a need for a local store to support non-motorized outdoor adventures – hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, skiing, backpacking
Casey's Crafts business card

Casey's Crafts

Circa 1972, ‘Casey’ was a gentle galumphing black Lab. Forty years later another Casey came on the scene in the form of a black schnauzer. Casey’s Crafts is the creative enterprise of one who lo
Purple Raven Logo

The Purple Raven Boutique

Katherine Walters started Purple Raven in 2016 because she wanted a job that she didn’t need a vacation from. She had always dabbled in craft and creative pursuits, (she knit even when it wasn’t c
(709) 754-4538

Jumping Bean Coffee

Jumping Bean Coffee Company was about community from the start. In 2005, engineer (and soon to be entrepreneur) Jeff LeDrew was roasting beans as a hobby, and donated some to a Rotary Club fundraiser.
(709) 727-0469

Old Dublin Bakery

Kevin Massey is the cheerful and chatty Dubliner behind The Old Dublin Bakery. The business started near the end of 2015 when Kevin was on parental leave – he needed an outlet for his creativity and
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Clare Dawn Couture

Clare Fowler grew up on an island just outside of St. John’s, NL. As a young woman she would explore the woods and cliffs of her island and in those places she was offered a beautiful and balanced p
(709) 753-2721

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

You know that stuff in the basement that is good, but you don’t use and you don’t want to throw away? It could find its forever home through the ReStore. The ReStore accepts new and used furniture
(709) 753-5743

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity envisions a world where everyone has a safe, decent, and affordable place to live. The organization started in the US in 1976, and in 1994 a group of volunteers, spearheaded by Sh
(709) 682-1853

C.D.'s Trees

Chris and Debbie Swyers are the two woodland pioneers in front of C.D.’s Trees (they also like word play – See These Trees). They started the nursery at their magical local in Logy Bay with 10
(709) 722- 7477

Johnny Ruth & Living Planet

JR&LP carries fashions for both men and women. The boutique specializes in Canadian designers such as: St. John’s: Charlotte Street; Montreal: Anne-Marie Chagnon, Melow, Cokluch, Matt & Nat,
Contact: (709) 759-2024; for orders: (709) 685-1360

Ripple Trail Farm

The farm has been in the family for more than half a century, and her dad Bernard Tucker, who was the original farmer, at one point had 78 acres. Karen took a different tack, and now farms a dozen (

Oliver's Farm

Their work day starts at five am and often doesn’t end till 11 pm, and even then a baby monitor intercom connects them to the barn. Dave says, “When a cow is calving every cow in the barn is ca

Found Consignment Boutique

Love local, love Gucci*, and love a great deal? You’ll find what you love at FOUND.Found Boutique is the high-end consignment shop on the west end of Water Street owned by Omaha-borne Karin Smith.
(709) 690-2522


Charlotte is a slow-fashionista, and the Charlottestreet business model is about making stylish, quality clothing that people will have for a long time. She says, “Our society overconsumes, and it
Dominique Hurley Intuitive Art
(709) 753-2535

Dominique Hurley Intuitive Art & Inspiration

Ottawa-born Dominique Hurley is an intuitive artist and lightworker who has always been drawn to spirituality, painting and photography. Her visions are beautifully translated through her inspirationa