Trinity Coffee Company

About: get your java coffee fix with the local and flavourful coffee at Trinity Coffee Company
Available At: Georgetown Bakery, Rocket Bakery, Food for Thought, Belbins Grocery, Tilthouse Bakery, Living Rooms, Markets
Tel: Toll Free 1-855-464-3440

Ian White is the Trinity Coffee Company guy. He started his journey into the coffee world by purchasing the coffee roaster from Auntie Crae’s in the summer of 2014 with the goals of making a sustainable living in rural Newfoundland and making great tasting coffee more accessible. Benefiting from the 25 years of experience that the owners of Auntie Crae’s have shared with him, Ian is now able to do both.

Currently Trinity Coffee Company has four different offerings: Trinity Mercantile Blend (medium and dark roast coffee blended after roasting and the best seller at the St. John’s Farmers Market), Broad Cove Blend (a legacy from Auntie Crae’s), Colombian French Roast (not for the faint of heart) and a Decaf Colombian (not your grandmother’s decaf).

As coffee is an agricultural product Ian is well aware that the sustainability of our planet is fundamental to his business and a good cup of coffee. While the weather, the wind and the temperature outside all make the nuance of every roast a little different, a consistent good growing season on the farm will have the greatest effect on the quality of the finished cup of coffee.