Boulder Publications

About: Newfoundland based trade publisher
Available At: St. John’s Farmers Market, Website, Most local book stores, Chapters, Coles
Tel: (709) 895-6483

Boulder Publications began when Gavin Will (the insightful and independent-minded publisher in chief of Boulder Publications) started to see the decline in freelance journalism with the growth of the Internet. However, where one door closes, another opens. He responded by reprinting a century-old book.

The journalist and Newfoundland History major knew that D. W. Prowse’s 1895 A History of Newfoundland was sought after as a historical resource, but carried a prohibitive price tag, as did the 1972 reprint. So, in 2002, with a high-quality reprint of a book written 107 years previous, and in a world that was quickly moving online, Boulder got its start.

Bolder indeed. It was a brilliant beginning, and following that first incredibly successful reprint, Boulder refined its niche and made works by authors from Newfoundland and other Atlantic Provinces, about topics relevant to Newfoundland and Labrador and its raison d’etre. Often, Boulder seeks cool, interesting, unknown or almost-forgotten pieces of Newfoundlandia.

Boulder’s bestsellers include historical non-fiction, field guides, literary works, and another testament to Newfoundland history, the Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes, aka Nan’s Cookbook. The Treasury has been handed down through families for generations, and went out of print in the early ‘80s. As well as replacing lost or worn copies of the volume, held dear to many, Boulder’s re-introduction is bringing this important history of our province told through food to a whole new generation. (Nan and Jamie Oliver probably would have got on alright. Some say he’s trying to emulate her.)

There are more great things to come. True to form, the company’s foray into childrens’ work – Saving Thunder the Great: The True story of a Gerbil’s Escape from the Fort McMurray Wildfire (fall 2016) is based on actual events.

Keep an eye on your local bookshelves for this and other great titles in the coming year.