C.D.'s Trees

About: locally-grown trees, shrubs and plants that know how to grow in NL
Available At: CDs Trees Nursery at 406 Marine Drive, Logy Bay
Tel: (709) 682-1853
Email: info@cdstrees.com

Chris and Debbie Swyers are the two woodland pioneers in front of C.D.’s Trees (they also like word play – See These Trees). They started the nursery at their magical local in Logy Bay with 100 trees back in 1995, and learned the nuances of Newfoundland’s salt-water soil by doing. Along the way they integrated European and American techniques that worked in similar conditions. Today they have upwards of 10,000 plants in stock. The thing about C.D.’s trees (and shrubs and plants) is that they all live at the nursery until they can ensure they are established and acclimatized to Newfoundland’s weather and soil conditions.

As well as a tree enthusiast, Chris is an amateur poet, musician and community guy. These interests show up at the nursery in the form of the C.D.’s Trees facebook page. Chris could be considered a jack-of-all-trades and this is reflected in the C.D.’s Trees approach to sustainability and support to the community. C.D.’s Trees Facebook presence has a beautiful collection of artwork and poems composed by Chris himself which depict events occurring at the nursery. Chris is also the guitarist for a group called “The Concert Crowd” that plays mostly traditional Newfoundland and Irish music and plays different performances where the proceeds are given to various charities. C.D.’s Trees is also an incredible supporter of Junior Forest Wardens NL and provides the space for the annual tree sale happening every spring. C.D.’s Trees is also a current supporter of “Pink Days in Bloom” which is the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Atlantic Chapter.

C.D.’s trees is currently working towards having 100% of their tree inventory produced and grown locally in St. John’s Newfoundland so that the number of plants that imported would someday would be zero. Last year CDs Trees were at about 70% and for this year they haven’t imported but still have a small few imported ones so they are at about 90% locally grown plants. The reasoning behind the focus on producing locally grown plants is due to the fact that in the beginning years there were not many nurseries producing local trees and shrubs and the locally produced plants tend to do a little better than plants that are imported. For instance a spruce tree grown from a seed produced in Newfoundland for many reasons would perform a little better in Newfoundland than a similar tree grown from an Ontario seed. “We would like to have a self-sustaining inventory” says Chris and to that end we grow as many of our own plants as we can.

A hardworking earlier riser, Chris also looks forward to retiring in the next 2-3 years from his Data Center Manager job with Bell so that he can spend more time in his nursery. ”In the early years Debbie and I would spend a lot of hours to make sure all the jobs got done. Not so much now as we have been lucky enough to have good people working with us in the nursery over the years to help look after all the things that need to be done”.