Casey's Crafts

About: Hand knitted items (hats, slippers, sweaters, cat beds, etc.)
Available At: Gander Airport gift shop, by email

Circa 1972, ‘Casey’ was a gentle galumphing black Lab. Forty years later another Casey came on the scene in the form of a black schnauzer. Casey’s Crafts is the creative enterprise of one who loved them equally, the first as a child and the second as a mother and a crafting powerhouse.

Michele Dawe started Casey’s Crafts when she moved home after almost 20 years away. Her first pair of knitting needles came from her grandmother, Annie, and right from the start she was charmed by the idea of making something functional (hat, sweater, cat bed) out of a skein of wool. She’s got a brain for pattern, and loves the challenge of making the things she sees and that people like – it shows up in the hats that have St. John’s row houses, or puffins knit right in, and the pumpkin tops. The knitted goods from Casey’s Crafts are hand made with care, often from original patterns, and are sometimes one-of-a-kind.   Michele believes in supporting community, and Casey’s Crafts are coveted goods at fundraisers.

The puffin hat is Casey’s Crafts greatest hit, and has sold at Bidgoods and the airport gift shops in Stephenville, Gander, and Deer Lake.

In the future, Michele hopes to be part of craft fairs and markets, and expand her business to food items like preserves of local fruit/veggies, and baked goods. Right now, she is also working on developing crochet baskets made out of recycled t-shirt material. For now, the best way to reach her is through the Casey’s Crafts email, where you can request made-to-order products.