Clean Start

About: commercial cleaning service - social enterprise of Stella's Circle
Available At: St. John’s Metro (St. John’s, St. Phillips, Portugal Cove, Mount Pearl)
Tel: (709) 738-8952

Cleaning and refreshing is good for offices, and for people. Clean Start, the commercial cleaning social enterprise of Stella’s Circle, does both.  Clean Start offers professional cleaning services to businesses and organizations in the St. John’s, Portugal Cove-St. Phillips and Mount Pearl area.  Staff at Clean Start are transitioning to better phases of their lives, and their work offers a decent wage, skill building, and the confidence that comes with a fresh clean start.

Stella’s Circle is well known for their work in the community – helping individuals with a wide variety of housing, counselling, and employment services.  The Clean Start initiative arose from the need for work experience, and need in the community.  Paula Greeley, Business Development Manager for Stella’s Circle explains, “We started out arranging temporary, transitional work for our participants, and a real need for commercial cleaning became apparent.  We realized there was an opportunity to fill that niche in the market and Clean Start was officially born.”

Clean Start launched in June 2016 with help from Chevron Canada. As a Stella’s Circle initiative, community is first and foremost in Clean Start’s business model.  Paula says, “We support adults who have experienced barriers – illness, addictions, criminal justice system issues – from fully participating in their community and being a part of the work force.  Clean Start helps them get on their feet, gain confidence, make good choices, and ultimately improve their health and well-being,” says Paula.

Success is part of the Clean Start plan, and each person’s success is their own.  Paula says, “Our participants learn not only cleaning skills, but how to be an effective employee, and to work safely.  Participants take back injury prevention training, learn about occupational health and safety, and quality assurance.  Full-time staff work with participants to build skills that ensure jobs get done on time and done well.   Our clients see the value in Clean Start’s social mission but at the end of the day, they also need a great job done cleaning their offices. Reviews all around have been outstanding.” In addition,

The growing list of clients include Bluedrop Performance Learning, Dicks & Company Basics, Perfect Day and Choices for Youth.

Stella’s Circle is a non-profit, community organization with a mission to transform lives through real homes, real help, and real work. For more information check out the Clean Start website at:


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