Curry Delight

About: delicious flavorful local Indian-Pakistani food to delight your palate
Available At: St. John’s Farmers Market and other markets
Tel: (709) 763-1222

Curry Delight makes people happy with their delicious, flavorful authentic Pakistani/Indian cuisine. The venture was co-founded last year by Afiya Altaf and Muhammad Nasir – a couple of bright young entrepreneurs from Pakistan who bring to the business years of food experience, and passion for delectable dishes. Muhammad says, “St. John’s loves good food, so we saw the potential in the market for authentic Pakistani dishes. Our meals include the St. John’s classic favorites, and a little bit more of traditional home-cooking recipes.”

Inspired by Muhammad’s mother’s cooking, Curry delight uses natural ingredients and traditional Pakistani/Indian cooking recipes for their dishes. From Spicy BBQ Chicken Curry to Butter Chicken, Spicy Rice, Spinach Potato, Chick Peas and much more. Curry Delight is a staple at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market, and more than one marketer makes the trek especially for the food. Muhammad and Afiya love the hustle on Saturday mornings, and are often joined by other helpers, Afiya says, “We love how people love our food. We encourage people to try a sample and generally they come back to get some more.”

Community and sustainability are key to Curry Delight’s business model, “We are proud to be part of the St. John’s community – the St. John’s people are just awesome: kind, open, funny and friendly. We want to care for our planet as we care for our customers, so we follow and embrace the spirit in waste reduction and compost management”.  What’s coming up for Curry Delight? Afiya says, “People keep asking us “when are you gonna open up a restaurant? That makes us very proud.”