About: Handmade batches of moisturizers, deodorant, sunshade, soap, shampoo & conditioner, lipstick, and more. Organic, plant-based, and free of harmful chemicals.
Available At: The Lotus Centre (52 Prescott St.), Online
Tel: (709) 746-4039

Even as a young child in Ferryland, Esther Squires was fascinated by herbs and healing plants. She’d go to the library to learn all that she could, and worked as a gardener for a time at Murray’s Garden Centre. In 2009, Esther began to research essential oils and train as an aromatherapist. She received her certification as an Aromatherapy Consultant from The Institute of Aromatherapy this year. In 2011 Esther began to make her own skin-care products and cosmetics using only the purest of natural ingredients and founded Esskin.

Where many cosmetics are designed to cover up skin issues and imperfections, Esskin cosmetics actually help and heal the skin. Esskin products are natural, gentle, and free of the harmful chemicals found in most major brands of cosmetics.  All Esskin cosmetics are based on 100 % pure essential oils, which possess numerous and diverse therapeutic and healing properties, as well as those gorgeous scents.  And here’s some fabulous news for those who are scent sensitive: Esskin products, with their gentle, subtle, and natural scents, pose few problems for those with allergies.

All Esskin products are made in small batches by Esther’s hands:  it’s about quality rather than quantity, and the standards are high. Esskin makes a range of products including moisturizers, deodorant, soap, sunshade, shampoo & conditioner, lipstick, and more. Some of the bestselling products are the Shine-on Shampoo and Conditioner and the Almond and Argan Moisturizer.  While there are a variety of products geared to different skin types, some are even designed specifically for certain skin issues like the Cooling Chamomile Cream, which can sooth rosacea, and eczema, as well as sensitive skin.

The Esskin products, the company, and the philosophy call us back to a simpler time, before we were bombarded by choice and synthetic chemicals. In a world where everything is instant, Esskin provides us with a moment to “step off of the treadmill” and take the time to be kind to your body, your mind, and the environment.