Ever Green Recycling

About: Recycling depot
Available At: 79 Blackmarsh Rd, Corner of Cowan Ave and Waterford Bridge, 92 Elizabeth Ave, 858-860 Torbay Rd
Tel: 709-758-5350

Ever Green Recycling is where you bring the empty beverage containers and get back the deposit you paid at the check-out. It’s also one of the province’s best and most innovative examples of business doing good for planet, place, and people.

Ever Green Recycling is good for the planet and place because it keeps recyclable material out of the landfill, and off the street. There are several locations throughout St. John’s metro area, and after drinking and rinsing the container, you bag (without straws or caps) and bring in what the drink comes out of – aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, steel cans (big cans, like for tomato juice), drink boxes and pouches, and gable top containers – and get back 5 or 10 cents for each.   The innovation here is the kiosk system. Ever Green is a trailblazer in the recycling field and along with regular drop-off, they’ve developed a kiosk system so you just bring in the bags (don’t have to be recycle bags), nod a hello, key in your phone number, print stickers, affix to bag and away you go. Shortly thereafter an email shows up in your inbox with your count. The system is in use throughout the province, and in the Northwest Territories.

But the most important innovation for Ever Green is its people-centric approach, and it works for their 60+ employees. Employment can be a barrier to wellness for those of us living with mental health issues. Ever Green is an inclusive employer with a focus on gainful employment, a supportive environment, and skills development that for some means a solid step on the road to wellness.

Coming up, Ever Green intends to commercialize a wine bottle de-labeling and cleaning machine they’ve invented, and have another 24/7 kiosk available by the end of October. Beyond that, they have set their sights on expanding their commercial waste audits and management solutions for customers, but always keeping the people-centric approach in focus.