Fit Foods

About: Delicious vegan, plant-based and wholefood meals prepared fresh and delivered to your door
Available At: 10 York Street, St. John's NL. A1C 1K7
Tel: (709) 699-9265

Lee Merchant has always loved the kitchen, but her approach to cooking took a turn when her son developed food sensitivities.  Her background in culinary arts as a chef and her passion for healthy food were the perfect ingredients to take matters into her own hands.  His improving conditions, and tremendous response from friends and family to her fare inspired her to build a business out of nutrition-first, healthy, wholefood choices.  In December of 2016, Fit Foods was born.

Fit Foods brings well-balanced nutritional meals – vegan, plant-based, wholefoods –  to your home or workplace.   The menu changes weekly, and customers place their order in advance.  The delivery part is a function of practicality and accessibility – it makes it easy for people to eat healthily.

Fit Foods diverse and delicious menu include gluten-free, dairy-free and plant based dishes. From earthy flavorful soups and curries, to casseroles, black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, butter nut squash lasagna, to chick pea Buddha bowls, roasted sweet potato mac and cheese and more.  As far as possible, high quality local ingredients are used, buys in bulk, and Lee gets particular enjoyment from using her own locally grown produce.

As part of the growing community of good quality slower-food choices, Lee believes in the importance of collaboration and building up local resources.  “Relying on fresh foods for my business, I came to realize our dependence on forces outside our control when it comes to food security.  We are geographically disconnected from where most of our food comes from.  We need to continue working on that.”

While Lee is focused on continuing doing what she does and growing her clientele, she eventually would like to have a big garden to grow vegetables, leafy greens and herbs for her dishes, and she’s excited about building a healthier population.   “Fit Foods’ dishes are for everyone, not just for vegans.  Fit Foods is really about taking good care of yourself and eating food that nourishes your mind and body.”