Food for Thought

About: The local mother of the local movement, Food for Thought
Available At: 84 Gower Street, St. John’s, NL
Tel: (709) 754-3801

Locavores, carnivores, omnivores, international eaters, vegans, vegetarians and health food aficionados can find what they’re looking for at Food for Thought. The store on Gower Street offers an infinite variety of spices and herbs, fresh local produce, meat (beef, chicken, goat, lamb), local honey, coffee beans and more. Nancy Maher is the proprietor.

Food for Thought has been home to natural, healthy and organic for more than a decade. Way back, if you were a seeker of fresh, local or exotic before the St. John’s Farmers Market was a thing, on Saturdays you might have found yourself shopping outside and inside the Food for Thought store in a shared space with the Oxfam office in old Duckworth Street. Inside, the shop was packed floor to ceiling with marvellous things, and outside from farmers sold produce from their trucks. That was Nancy’s innovation. After a fire burnt down the building in 2014, Food for Thought relocated to a bigger, brighter space in Gower Street with the help Nancy’s long time friend and supplier GJ Shortall Ltd. Today the local movement is a way of living that has morphed into a way of business. Community thrives at Food for Thought, and Saturdays are bustling with customers coming with empty jars, ready to be filled with Food for Thought goodness. It’s a gathering space and Nancy and a staff of three are on hand to help customers and have a chat.

Food for Thought uses local suppliers like GJ Shortall Ltd, Mount Scio Farm, the Organic Farm, Murray Meadow’s Farm, and the meat farmer from Foxtrap, Nelson Fagan. It also supplies local: Food for Thought is a go-to for busy restaurants around town. That farmer from Foxtrap is third generation, and Nancy’s family bought from there when she was a child.   Sustainability is a thing, and Food for Thought avoids unnecessary packaging by selling in bulk, and people can bring their own containers.

Coming up, Nancy and the team look forward to making the space even more welcoming to a growing customer base.