good2grow NL

About: indoor/outdoor hydroponic and soil based grow systems
Available At: 2534 Topsail Road, Conception Bay South, NL
Tel: (709) 727-1501

Interested in upping your gardening-game, and maybe growing indoors all year round?  Good2Grow has the gear!  The store is a homesteaders oasis, complete with vegetables, animals (including a friendly laying hen!), light, growth and information all in view of Conception Bay.

“Growing is easy and people need to do it more,” says Steve Ivany, proprietor of Good2Grow. Coming from a family of green-thumbs, Steve has been experimenting with crops – lettuce, spinach, kale, green peppers, cucumbers, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, basil – for the past few years.  His key learning is that, “The better you treat something the better it’s going to grow.”, and that idea is the foundation of Good2Grow.

He’s used and sells various growing systems, and has a full range of choices depending on space, light-type, crop and other variables. Good 2 Grow offers the range of systems, including hydroponic (water), aeroponics (water, but not submersed), aquaponics (feed the fish which feed the plants), and soil.  He also sells eggs (about five per day – see note above about the laying hen).

Community and sustainability are very important to Steve, “We are an island, and growing locally and living more sustainably is very important.  We need to go back to growing our own food and becoming more self-sufficient,” he says.

Coming up, Steve plans to re-open a greenhouse behind the shop that has lay fallow for a few years.  Beyond that, expanding the Good2Grow home-steaders oasis with a well-rounded selection of produce, animals, eggs, honey (bee-keeping), and more.  The big thing is, Steve says, “I want to help people to know that this is easy to do, and it’s very rewarding.”