Goodwater Seafoods

About: Seafood business specializing in smoked products.
Available At: St. John’s Farmers Market, Fish Depot, Skippers Seafood Shop, The Seafood Shop
Tel: (709) 237- 6000

Witless Bay-based Goodwater Seafoods is a family owned and operated business. In 2015, after years of rave reviews from friends and family, Christine and Roy Power decided to turn a hobby of theirs into a business.

Holy Mackerel! They specialize in smoked fish (mostly salmon, cod, and mackerel), but their selection changes from week to week, and season to season. Aside from their usual smoked delights, they typically sell fresh fish, fish cakes, cod cheeks and tongues among other tasty treats.

Goodwater relies on the most historic resource we have – the fish. Fishing has been around on the island as long as there’ve been people, and with the catch comes the need to preserve, hence smoking and salting. Roy’s grandfather was the fish smoker at the plant in Bay Bulls and passed the tradition down to his grandson. Christine and Roy hope that they too can one day pass the business down through the family, to their children.

All of their seafood is caught nearby, and supporting Goodwater means supporting food security in the province, as well as local fishers and local business.

In the future, Goodwater is looking to get their name and product out there, and would like to open their own shop near their home in Witless Bay. For now, you can catch them at the St. John’s Farmers Market on Saturdays, or at a local retailer such as Fish Depot, Skippers Seafood, The Seafood Shop.