Island Compost

About: Compost pick-up service
Available At: St. John’s and surrounding area
Tel: (709) 765-0496

While everyone knows that composting is good for the planet, not everyone is able to do backyard composting. That leaves a lot of organic waste – material that is designed to break down and help more things grow – for the Robin Hood Bay landfill. Not good! Enter Phil Coates and Katie Laidlaw, the dynamic duo who make it easier for people in the greater St. John’s metro area to take care of the planet. Phil and Katie launched Island Compost in July of 2015.

Island Compost is a weekly compost pick-up service. For $20 per month, they provide new customers with a nice big white bucket to keep in the kitchen and fill with organic waste – peelings, table scraps, kitchen paper and so on. Every Thursday Phil comes around and empties the bucket (from the driveway). They bring the matter to their farm in the Goulds, and put it on the big compost pile. The long-term idea is to give back compost once it’s all cooked, no charge.

Sustainability is really at the core of the business. Phil says, “The environment is all we have, without that we won’t thrive as people, and toxic landfills aren’t doing us any good.” Composting not only reduces the waste in these landfills, but also results in a low-cost, nutrient rich fertilizer, free of harmful chemicals that can be used in gardens and farms.

While they currently service around 70 households, the more customers on board, the more they can lower the monthly fee, plus, that means less waste being sent to landfills! To find out more or to sign up, contact them at their email or through their Facebook page.