Junior Forest Wardens

About: Outdoor adventure group for families with school-age children
Available At: Clubs can start throughout Newfoundland and Labrador
Tel: 709 682-3955
Email: juniorforestwardens@gmail.com

“Kids spend so much time in front of screens it can be hard to get them off, but when you get them outdoors they really get involved and connect with the world around them”.

What is now the Junior Forest Wardens began in the 1920s in BC, and arrived in NL in the 1940s. While originally focused on forest protection and fire prevention, the group has come to be about young people spending time outside with family. The idea is sound: spending time outdoors together is good for kids, good for the body and mind, good for building community, and making meaningful connections with those around you.

Junior Forest Wardens Clubs are self-organized by member families. There are usually 8-12 families in a Club, and although Wardens are school-age children, younger and older kids can still be involved. Today Clubs participate in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, geocaching, canoeing, skiing and so much more. They have outdoor equipment – like canoes and snowshoes – for registered Clubs to use.

The Annual Junior Forest Wardens Tree Sale has been ongoing for more than two decades, and four years ago moved to CD’s Trees. Another major activity is the tree plant. Each year JFW plants thousands of seedlings at various locations, most recently at towns of Renews/Cappahayden in partnership with Eastern Waste Management. JFW NL has support from the Department of Forestry and Agrifoods, and is affiliated with JFW Alberta.

This fall 2016, JFW NL launched a campaign to start new clubs and get more families outdoors which resulted in the creation of the Wild Wanderers Club, and dozens of families interested. There’s currently a new JFW Club in the making and JFW is always looking families to start new Clubs.  Interested families can get involved! All it takes is a few families with children 6-18 who’d like to go outside. Contact JFW-NL to get started, and get your own JFW Club off the ground.