Multi Ethnic Food Kitchen

About: Exquisite, hearty and colorful multi-ethnic food prepared by the wonderful Zainab Jerret
Available At: St. John’s Farmers Market, Winter Market, other events
Tel: (709) 722-8103, (709) 699-6995

Zainab Jerrett is the heart and soul behind the Multi Ethnic Food Kitchen. Nigerian borne and Newfoundlander by choice, Zainab started cooking her hearty dishes at international food and craft fairs in 2005 which led her to establish her cooking business in 2009. Today, Zainab’s home-based Multi Ethnic Food Kitchen is a staple at the St. John’s Farmers Market, the Winter Market and other events where she is usually busy cooking while her assistants serve the clientele.

Zainab follows from that old cooking tradition – followed by grandmothers and experienced cooks – that follows intuition: cooking becomes more of an art and a trade rather than an exact science. “You don’t measure, you just add, add and mix; it’s a cultural thing” says Zainab, smiling.

The diversity of flavours and spices of Multi Ethnic Food Kitchen is a reflection of Zainab’s diverse background. The kitchen offers a wide variety of traditional cuisines from Nigerian to South African, to Jamaican – Caribbean to Indian. The Farmers’ Market old time favourites are Jamaican Dish Chicken spicy, South African Yellow Rice and Coconut Chicken.

Community is very important for Zainab’s kitchen, “Without the community our businesses would not be successful.” On a personal level, Zainab’s take on community has a broad approach. In 2015, Zainab cofounded a nonprofit called We Care Foundation that raised funds to get girls out of Boko Haram territory and back into the classroom. ‘Community’ is the global community to which we all belong.

With the growing demand for Zainab’s Multi Ethnic Food Kitchen dishes she welcomes growth but not too much! Bringing her business to the St. John’s Farmers’ Market gives her the freedom to pursue her passions in the kitchen and the community, and that works for Zainab and her customers.