Newfoundland Chocolate Company

About: What’s better than chocolate? Local artisan chocolate!
Available At: headquarters -166 Duckworth Street chocolaterie, also available at retail locations Avalon Mall chocolaterie, Avalon Mall Chocolate Café, and Signal Hill Chocolate Cafe Mic Mac chocolaterie (Nova Scotia), Sunnyside Mall chocolaterie (Nova Scotia), Halifax Shopping Center Chocolaterie.
Tel: (709) 579-0099

Walking into the NL Chocolate Company is an endorphin boost.  Velvety-brown décor sets the mood, the themed boxes on the shelves whisper ‘pick me’, and behind the glass the chocolates and truffles and gelato are a feast for the senses.  Then you’re offered a piece to try and you say…. “Mamma mia! Yes please!”.

Brent Smith and Christina Dove started Newfoundland Chocolate Company in 2008 when their boys were little and they made chocolate for fun and sharing. When the two wanted to take the four to Disneyland, they saw selling the chocolate as way to finance the trip.  Well.  Their favourite hobby – chocolate-making by the piece – became a hit and leapt from hobby to wholesale to a sweet and wonderful local enterprise that celebrates local culture, sources local ingredients, and employs more than 80 people.

The combination is unique, and special. Brent is a studied geographer and an all-out-gung-ho infectious kind of grown-up kid person.  Christina is a calm, creative scientist – she’s a well-known potter with a Masters in Neurophysiology.  Together they bring cocoa beans from all corners of the world, combine them with local ingredients using techniques with a mindful approach on wellness and health, all infused with a recognition and celebration of Newfoundland history and culture. It all comes together in the chocolate, and the presentation. Christina says, “We take a minimalistic approach – no additives or preservatives –  and we seek fresh and local ingredients.”

They use berries from local harvesters, dried berries and berry powders from Rodrigues Winery, biscotti from Tilt House, and Screech coffee from Jumping Bean to name a few.The messaging and packaging is art that shares Newfoundland culture from the names of the chocolates to the theme of the boxes, the bars, the pebbles and the puffin eggs.

The Newfoundland Chocolate philosophy community connects the chocolate and the culture, and the business model crafts partnerships with local businesses. “We connect with local farms, food growers, local businesses, and people!  The favourite sayings on our bars are the choice (and words!) of our customer community.

The Newfoundland Chocolate line extends deep into the community.  Newfoundland Chocolate is available at local shops (Belbin’s, Weavery, Holland Nurseries, Newfoundland Heritage Shops) and recently partnered with Brewed Awakening Cafes for special mochas and decadent dark chocolate coffee bark treats, they have a seasonal café on Signal Hill (and offer picnics!), they produce custom orders for corporate and family events (Christmas gifts and wedding favours), and they offer chocolatier training for beginners, amateurs and chefs.

Looking ahead, Newfoundland Chocolate Company looks forward to more Newfoundland experiences through experiential pop-ups, connecting with farmers, and building and strengthening partnerships and celebrating chocolate and culture everywhere they go.