One Root

About: Skin Care
Available At: online and at the local markets, including The St.John’s Farmers Market, & Some Good Market.
Tel: (709) 697-5321

OneRoot skin care was born many years ago with many holistic and natural beginnings. One key ingredient when OneRoot was just a bud was the use of herbal tea concoctions and recipes used medicinally for their mind and body benefits. The largest part of OneRoot was born in 2003 when OneRoot Mama Angie Burke birthed a baby girl. Reluctant to use commercial baby products Angie began making her own creams, salves, and treatments for her family from all natural ingredients using her knowledge of plants, herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. From a mothers kitchen, OneRoot further evolved and blossomed. After years of experimenting, reading, courses, intuition, kitchen alchemy and education Angie had learned much about the medicinal properties of essential oils, plants, waxes, oils & butters and how they are key to overall well being. All OneRoot products are Angie’s own formulas and recipes made from scratch using only natural ingredients in small batches. New products and treatments are always cooking up in the OneRoot Kitchen.

OneRoot is conscious about the environment and the community. As OneRoot continues to grow, mandates such as only raw, ethically sourced, clean and beneficial ingredients meant to aid the body are used, affordability for everyone, and a small batch, big love approach using recyclable and earth friendly packaging contribute to OneRoot principals. Charitable donations and giving complimentary products to anyone in need requiring treatments are ways Angie plans to continue to run her business into the future.

OneRoots product lines of natural treatments include: Aromatherapy treatments using roll ons, sprays, concentrates and tinctures. Uses include anxiety & insomnia, relaxation, uplifting & revitalizing and mental alertness formulas. Her Skin Care line of creams, salves and tinctures are used for eczema/rosacea, acne, maturing skin, arthritis/muscle pain, cold/flu remedies, aftershaves, hair care, face masks and beauty treatments. (each treatment with a killer name).

Most recently, OneRoot has bloomed further and is creating Aromatherapy jewellery and diffusers. Discreet ways to transport essential oils while benefiting from the mental health benefits of aromatherapy. Using clay and hand tools she creates one of a kind pieces. Angie is currently attending school as a Sheet Metalist to further her jewellery making trade skills. OneRoot also provides custom consultations and aromatherapy workshops, wedding packages, presentations and custom orders.

As a mother, entrepreneur and naturalist Angie loves what she does and looks forward to a bright future with a OneRoot store front with space for delivering courses, workshops, DIY treatments, and providing a holistic community of healers under one roof that share their gifts as a whole.