Petit Mail

About: Petit mail is a snail-mail subscription service for kids ages 3 to early reader.
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The kid’s got mail – and connection!

When Alison Butler’s daughter was younger, going to the mailbox was a special time together. It was a trip outside – with a key no less – that brought a sense of adventure. It was a chance to seek and connect, and it held the promise of something to read. The mailbox was a treasure box that could be a trove of happy memories.

Alison saw an opportunity in the form of snail mail and created something special in Petit Mail – a service that delivers fun, colourful, creative postcard stories to preschoolers.

Here is how it works: parents, grandparents, family, friends sign on for the little one (could be a birthday gift!), and each month a different story arrives, addressed to theirs truly. As creative director, Alison has created four characters for the Petit Mail series. She commissions an illustrator to do the illustrations. Each postcard is personalized with the child’s name.

Petit Mail is all about local – all packaging materials are sought out locally and the cards are printed locally. It is a special thrill for Alison when people say, “Wow look at this – it’s local!”

Local though it is, it’s got an international audience. Petit Mail delivers to Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore and throughout North America.

Alison is hoping to expand Petit Mail to include other interactive connecting tools such as online video tutorials. Ultimately, Alison hopes to continue to help create strong bonding moments between parents and their children through time spent together creatively.