Ripple Trail Farm

About: Gorgeous fresh produce: Ripple Trail Farm hands work the soil in and out of the greenhouses,
Available At: Farmer’s Markets, Ripple Trail farm has a small building at the Highway in whitbourne. You can also go for a lovely ride to visit the Ripple Trail farm, where Karen would be delighted to give you a tour around the farm!
Tel: Contact: (709) 759-2024; for orders: (709) 685-1360

Karen Durfey farms the Ripple Trail Farm in Markland. The farm has been in the family for more than half a century, and her dad Bernard Tucker, who was the original farmer, at one point had 78 acres.   Karen took a different tack, and now farms a dozen (or so) acres of crops and greenhouses, and focuses on the local markets rather than wholesalers.  “It’s another way of doing business,” says Karen, and it’s working well for us now.  Part of the local connection means staying connected with what customers are looking for.  If the time is right, she loves showing visitors around Ripple Trail.   

In addition to the yummy Newfoundland staples of CARROTS, TURNIP, POTATOES, CABBAGE and PARSNIP, Karen and the three Ripple Trail Farm hands work the soil in and out of the greenhouses, also coax up gorgeous KALE, SWISS CHARD, CHINESE CABBAGE, BEANS, PEAS SQUASH, PUMPKINS, TOMATOES, CUCUMBERS, PEPPERS, BROCCOLI and also FLOWERS and BEDDING PLANTS.   

Even with the passing of Karen’s Father in 2005, Ripple Trail Farm is still a family affair.  Karen’s mother Winnie makes luscious jams and pickles (yes, even Sweet Mustard Pickles! – Get ‘em when you can!)

Karen and Ripple Trail Farm are big believers in local, and regularly support community events.  She says, “We are in a small close-knit community, so it is very important to support each other.  We’re all in this together.”