Seaberry Studios

About: Unique workshops and DIY Boxes on how to craft conscious skincare
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Marine biologist and skincare aficionada Paula Mendonça owns and operates Seaberry Studios – the make-your-own skincare lab in St. John’s. Born and raised in Portugal, Paula started making her own skincare products in 2009, putting in practice her background in biology, holistic skincare training, and her passion. In 2013 she launched Seaberry Studios which now offers a gathering place for the growing tribe of people who love and long for conscious products for their skin.

The Seaberry Studios philosophy is simple: “empowering people to make safe, affordable, and customized skincare in their own homes” says Paula. Seaberry Studios offers workshops and DIY Boxes to help people create a conscious skincare with wildcrafted and kind ingredients – ingredients that are gentle, and that work.  (Guide to the Good is a member of the tribe, and there’s something good and special and connective about making the products. Then a spark of joy from sight and scent and memory every time you open the containers to use.)

Seaberry Studios workshops include Baby Giggles which focuses on baby skincare; Summer Bliss that focuses in light-weight sun exposure products; Luscious Balms, to nurture skin; Happy Face an all-time-favorite, focuses on facial skincare customized for each skin type; Artisanal Soap that teaches how to craft handmade soap; Botanical Beauty takes workshop attendees on a morning herbal walk and then uses those herbs to create skincare in the afternoon. Paula also offers private workshops customized for different audiences (birthdays, reunions, baby showers and other occassion). Workshops are normally hosted at the Seaberry Studios Lab in downtown’s west end.

The DIY Boxes come with recipes and measured local-wildcrafted natural ingredients to make lip balm, baby balm, healing balm, or bath bombs. SeaBerry aficionados can sign up for workshops and purchase DIY boxes online via the official website or Facebook page.

Being part of a small close-knit community has helped Seaberry Studios come to be. “It’s because of this community that Seaberry has grown,” says Paula. “Here, people are willing and able to give feedback, and support. It builds the community.”