Shakti Yoga

About: Specializes in pre-natal, post-natal and Hatha yoga, offers teacher training courses
Available At: Yoga Kula Co-op, Work-site classes
Tel: (709) 697-4331

“Yoga is for everybody.” Bobby Bessey, yogi and owner of Shakti Yoga says that everyone can find a practice that is right for them, regardless of age, stage, flexibility, fitness level, or body type: even pregnant mothers or mothers with newborns. Especially so, in fact – Shakti specializes in pre-natal, post-natal, and hatha yoga. She also teaches a pre-natal yoga teacher training courses in St. John’s and Uganda and a 200 hour hatha teacher training. As a certified birth doula, Bobby also offers a number of birth services.

A teacher by nature, a psychology major, and a realm of yoga certifications, Bobby began her teaching practice after discovering how transformative yoga was to her quality of her health. After years of studying and exploring yogic traditions in India and Japan, Bobby came home to NL, and started Shakti in 2004.

Community is important to Shakti, and yoga as a whole. Bobby says, “Yoga teaches about finding peace and harmony within yourself, and then reaching out into the community”. That practice shows up in the pre-natal classes that bring women together – promoting confidence, supporting each other, and diminishing fears around the birth process. It also shows up in Luwero, Uganda, where Shakti provides pre-natal yoga teacher training, and, to complete the cycle, Shakti sells beautiful jewellery and bags made by the women of the Birth House.

Shakti practices sustainability. In keeping with the traditions and practices of yoga, Bobby believes that the health of the earth is not able to be separated from the health and wellness of every living person and that we must live in harmony with the environment. Shakti looks for opportunities to take care of the earth, and uses environmentally friendly props from Canadian companies and organic cottons where possible.

Most of Bobby’s classes are taught at the Yoga Kula Co-op, and you can find schedules and more information on her website.