Sustainable Energies

About: Renewable energy and home efficiency business
Available At: St. John’s metro area
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Tel: (709) 781-1575

Sustainable Energies Inc. is a renewable energy and home efficiency business that offers renewable energy generation to homes and cabins off-the-grid, as well efficiency-improvements – heat pumps, alternative lighting, insulation – for on-the-grid. These improvements are good for the environment, and they save money.

Kevin Puumala and Krista Byrne Puumala started the business in Ontario in 2009 when the microFIT program came into effect, allowing homeowners generating renewable energy to feed it back into the grid. Although this is not yet possible in NL, Kevin and Krista envision potential for a similar initiative happening in the near future.

Much of what Sustainable Energies does is education. Believe it or not, yes, solar energy does work in NL. In fact, it’s been in use here for at least a couple of decades. And you might not know that you probably already have a heat pump in your home. It’s called a refrigerator! This same technology that keeps the groceries cool can keep you toasty warm in winter.

The bottom line is that these alternate technologies bring environmental benefits to the planet and financial benefits to the homeowner. After taking into account the greenhouse gases used for the mining, transportation, and refining of materials, solar panels pay off and make a net positive difference in just 4-7 years. For wind energy it’s only 5-7 months. At this point, generating your own energy is also cheaper.

Krista says, “People often don’t realize just how much of a difference efficient alternatives make.” says Krista. “And you can start slow. Just using a few solar panels to power the shed makes a difference.” We have the power to promote change.