The Fish Depot

About: Fresh Newfoundland seafood
Available At: 369 Duckworth Street and 42 Ropewalk Lane in St. John’s; shipping also available
Tel: (709) 722-9692 Duckworth Street / (709) 737-3474 Ropewalk Lane

On Duckworth Street, just up through Beck’s Cove from the waterfront, you’ll come across the Fish Depot, where you can buy the catch of the day.  The Fish Depot is a three-generation family-run business that sources fresh seafood from local and international fishers.

In 2016 The Fish Depot added a location in Ropewalk Lane. The Fish Depot sources fresh, high quality local (mostly, about 97%), and foreign seafood throughout the province.  The Fish Depot’s Jackie Shannahan says “The fish moves quickly – caught at dawn, processed for optimal quality standard, and behind the glass at the shop in the afternoon”.

Along with the catch of the day, which depending on the season can be one or many forms of cod, halibut, lobster, seal, salmon, char, herring, capelin, seal, alligator (yes, alligator!),

The Fish Depot also sells cooked meals like cod au gratin, crab au gratin, fish and brews, pea soup, baked beans as well as traditional berries like blueberries and partridge berries. The new Ropewalk Lane location has expanded its products to include baked goods, local seal fur jewelry, socks, crafts, souvenirs and much more.

Buying from the Fish Depot means supporting sustainable fisheries and local communities in the province. By sourcing mostly from Newfoundland, the Fish Depot is not only contributing to the local community, but also to sustainable fisheries. In addition, the Fish Depot is a supplier to restaurants. “We are committed to supporting the local economy, our business supports the jobs of fisherman, fish-plant workers, and Fish Depot employees” says Jackie. “it’s a good way to keep money in the community.”