The Outfitters

About: Outdoor specialty retail store, gear rentals and sea kayaking tours.
Available At: 220 Water Street, St. Johns and 1091 Topsail Rd, Mt. Pearl - Seasonal store Southside Road, Bay Bulls (kayak tours)
Tel: (709) 579-4453

In 1998, Jon Earle and Robert Seymour started The Outfitters when they saw a need for a local store to support non-motorized outdoor adventures – hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, skiing, backpacking – all of that.

The Outfitters sells pretty much everything you’d need to get out there for an afternoon walk or for two weeks in the wilderness. From outdoor living essentials like tents, sleeping bags and stoves, to all season outerwear, innerwear and footwear. Then there’s the gear – skis, snowshoes, poles and kayaks. The Outfitters also has a gear rental option, so would-be adventurers can test before investing, and visitors can borrow and return.

They’ve got the gear and know the territory. A frequently asked question heard around the store is “Where can I go to do ___?” and they have good answers. The Outfitters pride themselves in their highly knowledgeable staff of passionate outdoors people with varying outdoor interests. Not only can they help you figure out where to go, they can help you choose the best equipment for you based on the adventure, intensity, and weather conditions. They’ve got the gear, they know the territory, and they work to make outdoor adventure accessible to the newbies as well as the wizened.

As with any business that relies on the natural beauty of the outdoors, sustainability is critical to The Outfitters. “It has to be protected and preserved or otherwise we won’t have an environment to go out and play in.,” says Jon. They encourage the protection and preservation of the environment and make it their business to help people get out and see just what a phenomenal environment we have.