The Waffle Lady

About: Waffles and yummy toppings
Available At: St. John’s Farmers’ Market

Emily Hunt is the Waffle Lady and her succulent waffles and fresh toppings have become a ‘must have’ morning-ritual at the Farmers’ Market. Emily started the waffle business with one iron at the Farmers Market in 2008, and to meet the demand she now has six.

Emily uses a nut-free version of her mom’s waffle recipe, and you can have them regular, almost-vegan and almost-gluten free (note that all waffles are cooked on the same irons, which means there could be contact). But the waffles are only half the story! Emily also makes her own fruit toppings including blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, mixed berry and local rhubarb. She also has homemade chocolate sauce, real butter, real maple syrup and real whipped cream.

Sustainability and community are extremely important to Emily; this is not only reflected in the way Emily conducts her business, but also in the way Emily conducts herself as a Farmers’ Market Board Member. Emily brings her own reusable plates and forks in order to reduce waste, and she was an advocate for the Market’s switching from Styrofoam to compostable plates.

Although she is not sure where her business is going to take her, Emily is very happy at the Farmers’ Market. “It’s nice being part of the market and seeing it grow, seeing the same people come year after year with their kids growing up” says Emily. She is looking forward to the new location, which will most likely mean that the market will be open more days in the week.


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