About: Not-for-profit company that makes it easy, fun and practical to think planet, live local.
Available At: Northeast Avalon
Tel: (709) 754-6033

How do you want to live?  Like my grandmother, but with internet says Kim Todd,  the founding director of  The non-profit was created to make it easier for people in this province to live more sustainably by ‘thinking planet, living local’. way to do that is by celebrating their historic ties to the land, sea, and each other, while embracing the here and now. is a non-judgemental, collaborative community platform that helps people integrate sustainable changes and practices into their lives, their work and their communities; one habit at a time.

The concept originally began in 2008 with Kim Todd, townie and proprietor of Quick Brown Fox Communications. As a work-from-home mother of three children, she started to realize that earth is a closed system and that our actions at the individual level have a big impact on a global scale. “in nature everything follows a cycle where things are created, grow and disintegrate back into the earth. Nothing ever goes away, it just changes.  However human-made products don’t disintegrate, they accumulate.”   The idea generated as an environmental sustainability project, but morphed into a living style project that includes the environment, the community, and relationships.  It all falls into place.

2016 is a bit of a breakout year for   It its earliest iterations, Kim envisioned a platform that gave users practical tools to integrate sustainable habits into their everyday lives.  Habits for Your Habitat ~ Guide to the Good is a niche marketing program for all things local – businesses, organizations, neighbourhoods, cultures et al in the Northeast Avalon.  The purpose is to give people the information they need to choose local, and it will also provide a “profile” section promoting local businesses and organizations. This platform will also feature heritage, culture, nature in a holistic all-inclusive platform to shows people how to live more sustainably.

Many community partners and supporters have helped build The Conservation Corps NL is a long-standing partner.  Other partners and collaborators include St John’s Farmers Market, NLEE, NLOWE, , NLEN, St John’s Board of Trade, Downtown St. John’s Development Corporation, St. John’s Winter Market, Canadian Association of Manufacturers, EXTRAordinary women, Junior Forest Wardens Newfoundland and Labrador, and Food First NL. The collaboration and partnership of all these entities have helped grow and develop its projects.