Mission Vision Values

thegreenrock.ca ~ Live Sustainably NL is about habits for your habitat: things we can all do to live more sustainably. It is a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of, and promoting sustainable health-promoting living practices in Newfoundland and Labrador.
think planet. live local.






  • thegreenrock.ca envisions Newfoundland and Labrador as the community leading the western world in sustainable living.


  • Through information, education, and inspiration, thegreenrock.ca promotes ‘where you are’ choices to help address challenges facing the planet, our communities, and our individual lives. Thegreenrock.ca nurtures relationships with like-minded groups, organizations and businesses to increase our collective capacity to attain objectives.


  • Non-judgmental – thegreenrock.ca takes an Aristotelian Virtue Ethics approach to living sustainably, and tempers wishes and will with capacity.
  • Open – thegreenrock.ca values open-ness to ideas, education, using technology to live sustainably
  • Collaborative – thegreenrock.ca recognizes that collaboration is fundamental to building sustainability
  • Positive – thegreenrock.ca takes a positive and respectful approach to its activities and its partners, recognizing different strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Resource-aware – thegreenrock.ca recognizes that resources of self, time and energy are invaluable to individuals and to the greater community, and respects these as a priority to wellbeing of individuals, the community, and the planet.