live local

Proximity is love!  Living local is all about drawing from and giving to the physical area and community you are in. What you do, where you go, what you buy, what you see. Local companies – business and organizations are two of the many things that makes the St.John’s metro area great.

Buy Local – There are hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs making, selling, or making and selling the most wondrous things to eat, to wear, to play with, to use and to give from markets, at storefronts, from their homes and online.  Here are the first couple of dozen.  Choosing local supports the local economy and a whole lot more!  It invigorates originality, culture and cre ativity, it builds relationships that strengthen wellness for individuals and communities, and it does good for the planet and the people on it!

Live Local – Alongside the businesses, there are hundreds of local organizations doing amazing things that build our communities – like building walking and hiking trails for everyone (like the East Coast Trail Association), creating safe spaces for people who need support (like Stella’s Circle), and getting together to hang out, connect, or advocate (like Spirit Horse).  These organizations contribute to the greater good, and most are looking for members, volunteers, or people to help.