think planet ~ live local

at Guide to the Good we are on about #thinkplanetlivelocal, and we want to make it easy for people to choose local, social, and green for their purchasing and lifestyle choices. that’s what good company is all about!

so we are proud to share information about the bazillion cool local companies that offer products and services to the community.  check out the search function on top of the Anglican Cathedral and key in what you’re interested in!  and please keep coming back – we are growing, and we are learning!

#thinkplanetlivelocal – Earth is one big planet, and (as far as we know) it’s home to everyone no matter where or when they were born or live or died. We are all reliant on our planet, we are all connected. ‘Local’ is where ever you are, and whereever that is is the place you can make the most difference.

LOCAL – Proximity is love!  Living local is all about drawing from and giving to the physical area and community you are in. What you do, where you go, what you buy, what you see.  There are hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs making, selling, or making and selling the most wondrous things to eat, to wear, to play with, to use and to give from markets, at storefronts, from manufacturing plants, from their homes and online. Choosing local supports the local economy, and brings other benefits to the community.   It invigorates originality, culture and creativity, it builds relationships that strengthen wellness for individuals and communities, and it does good for the planet and the people on it!

SOCIAL – Community is love!  Social enterprises, non-profits and community orgs work to make everything better for everyone.  Along with the standard for-profit business model, the loads of amazing social enterprises in our community do good as they do business.  Non-profits offer the community services that the community needs and benefits from.  People out there need to know what’s available to them, and the non-profits need community support in terms of volunteerism and participation to keep it all going.  Social is also thinking about where your stuff comes from.

GREEN – Small footprint – big difference!  Green is a big deal, and people are always looking for ways to reduce their footprint.  The province of NL is different from many other places, and in many cases our green here is not your standard shade but there are many many ways to lighten up.  Guide to the Good is here to make it easier to find green products, taking green action, make green choices.