Social Enterprise Model ~ Live Sustainably NL is about habits for your habitat: things we can all do to live more sustainably. It is a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of, and promoting sustainable health-promoting living practices in Newfoundland and Labrador.
think planet. live local.




Guide to the Good Social Enterprise Model

  • the Guide to the Good is the social enterprise of ~ LIve Sustainably NL Inc.
  • the Guide to the Good was conceived and developed to create a revenue stream that would support sustainability of and its projects, and serve as a tool to support the Mission Vision and Values of
  • the Guide to the Good aims to make local, social, and green choices accessible to the local community because local, social, and green choices bring sustainability and benefits to communities.
  • 5% of revenue generated through memberships are shared with local entrepreneurs in developing countries through a microfinance program

the Guide to the Good revenue streams include:

  • Guide to the Good Membership (Profiles) – eligible companies are invited to be part of Guide to the Good for an annual fee of $345
  • Crowdfunding – an annual fundraising campaign that invites user support
  • Grants & Sponsorship – & Guide to the Good invites partnership with like-minded organizations to progress toward achieving common goals

Guide to the Good target markets

  • head of household females who make the majority of the purchasing, nutritional and lifestyle decisions for their families
  • millennials

Development Strategy

Phase 1

Fall 2018 – Commercial Launch

  • Good Company – the “Profile” section is a keyword searchable directory for local, social and green companies that tells consumers what is out there, how to access it, and why it is of benefit to them.
  • Good Stories ~ Living La Vida Local – stories that celebrate, inform and inspire about local, social and green initiatives and ideas
  • market research

Winter 2019

  • Guide to the Good site (2.0) and app (Apple and Android)
  • Hubs – 10,000 Seats (theatre and cultural entertainment), a Farmer Feature, and Spirit Connection
  • Social Enterprise, Farmers Market buttons  

Phase 2 – Export the Guide to the Good (2020 – 2023)

The need and benefits of ‘thinking planet and living local’ is important for communities everywhere.  Other jurisdictions experience similar needs, and research (key informant interviews, first hand experience, and internet survey) show that other jurisdictions would benefit from the Guide to the Good. As the platform develops, is creating a template which will create a model suitable for export.